Holiday Desserts

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Frollini Cannella

These crisp and lightly spiced cookies are studded with sliced almonds. Cut them into rectangles or into whatever shape you desire. It’s essential to make sure your dough is the same thickness throughout, or your cookies will bake at different rates. Let this cookie get deeply golden for the best…



Speculaas are crisp Dutch spice cookies often embossed with a windmill design. Blackbird Baking Co. makes its version as small rounds and etches them with a windmill-like pattern, but you can use the tines of a fork to make a simpler design. If you can’t find small…


Raspberry Cream Cheese Pastries

The rich, flaky and slightly tangy pastry of these crescents works perfectly with the brightness of the raspberry jam.


Butter Tart Squares

These squares have all the delicious flavor of a true butter tart but require half the effort, as the crust and filling are simply layered in the a baking pan. For added holiday color, try swapping out the raisins for chopped maraschino cherries.


Pineapple Squares

This old-fashioned dessert made frequent appearances in community cook books of the 1950s. Its moist cake and crunchy topping are just as delicious today.


Mint Sails

These one-bite brownies deliver deep chocolate flavor with a surprising minty hit!…


Glazed Pumpkin Cookies

Sweet and spicy pumpkin cookies are perfect for enjoying with a coffee on a chilly, winter afternoon.



Their little windows, along with their generous dusting of icing sugar, make these Swiss cookies a pretty and delicious addition to any holiday spread.


Orange-Cranberry Sticky Toffee Puddings

This decadent dessert can be made a week or two in advance, so freeze them until Christmas Eve. You and your family will be in for a sweet surprise.


Cinnamon Rugelach

This traditional Jewish pastry can be served at any time of day, from a brunch, to an afternoon coffee break, to dessert.


Jamaican Christmas Pudding

This recipe requires advanced planning for a few steps and stages but the result is a rich, boozy dessert that is the perfect finish to a holiday meal.


Apple Crisp & Bourbon Cream Trifle

  Not a typical trifle, this holiday dessert by Anna Olson is made by layering chilled apple crisp with a bourbon spiked pastry cream and toasted pecans.


Ask A Chef: Chocolate Torta With Salty Hazelnuts

Chef Daniel Costa of Corso 32 shares his recipe for Chocolate Torta With Salty Hazelnuts.  Q: I was recently in Edmonton and had a fabulous dinner at Corso 32. The highlight was a dense, dark chocolate cake covered with salty-sweet hazelnuts. Could you get the recipe? I’d love to make it…


Warm & Rustic Apple-Maple Crêpes

A French favourite gets a Canadian makeover.