Mashed potato

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Ask A Chef: Stoemp

Chef Travis Phillips of St. Veronus Cafe and Tap Room shares his recipe for Stoemp. Q: My husband and I lived near Peterborough, Ontario, and ate at St. Veronus Cafe and Tap Room. I loved a side dish they served called stoemp. We’ve tried to make it but…


Brown Butter Mashed Potatoes With Fried Sage

Four pounds of potatoes may seem like a lot, but these are so good you’ll be glad to have seconds. For extra-smooth potatoes, put them through a ricer after cooking, before adding butter and milk. When making brown butter, use a pot with a light-colored bottom so it’s easier to…

Mashed potato

Lamb Rack Roasted Pink Recipe

A rack of lamb with mustard and rosemary.

Mashed potato

Celery Root Mash Recipe

A healthy winter side dish.

Mashed potato

Mashed Potatoes With Corn & Garlic Recipe

A new spin on mashed potatoes.

Mashed potato

Squash & Potato Mash Recipe

Revive mashed potatoes.