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Pesto Vegetable Tart

Striking in appearance but with simple summer ingredients, this tart is a true centerpiece dish.


Vegetable Pistou

While it’s a simple dish, it’s a true homage to vegetables!


Pesto Tuna Kitchen Sink Salad

A gourmet-style salad without the effort? Sign us up!


Pizza With Pesto & Fresh Mozzarella

Fall in love with a new type of slice on pizza night!


Roasted Carrots With Carrot-Top Pesto

“I love carrots pretty hard, and I really get off on figuring out uses for parts of an ingredient I might normally toss,” says Queer Eye‘s culinary expert, Antoni Porowski. “The ‘discovery’ of using carrot tops to make pesto (I’m not the first to think of it) is a great…


Sweet Potatoes With Pumpkin Seed Pesto

As an alternative, you can roast the sweet potatoes whole, then make a cut down the center and spoon in the pesto like a baked potato.


Pesto Genovese

Try this Pesto Genovese recipe from the cookbook Perfect Pan Pizza by Peter Reinhart. When I first discovered pesto about forty years ago, I thought that I had gone to heaven. Pesto was so new and different to Americans then. Sadly, we’ve now become too familiar with it,…


Parsley Fennel Pesto

Pair this recipe with Maple-Glazed Fresh Ham.


Blistered Corn, Asparagus & Pesto Pizza

A colourful grilled pizza perfect for summer.


Parmesan Shortbreads With Beet Pesto Recipe

Try these savoury appetizers.


Pea, Pesto & Arugula Soup Recipe

A healthy soup from Sophie Dahl.


Grilled Vegetable Tart Recipe

A healthy garden-fresh summer pizza.

hors d'oeuvres

Pumpkinseed Pesto Shrimp With Caponata Recipe

Easy party shrimp appetizers.


Red Devil Pesto Recipe

A spicy sauce for pasta or dipping.