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Soy- & Hot Honey-Glazed Faux Chicken Sandwich

Plant-based chicken options are proliferating in the freezer aisle. This faux chicken sandwich is delicious with the addition of an addictive soy glaze and a lightly pickled sesame-laced slaw. Prep the slaw ahead of time, but dress it just before serving. We found Gardein’s faux chicken to have the best…


Curried Chicken Sandwich

Try this Curried Chicken Sandwich recipe from Rosie Daykin’s new cookbook Let Me Feed You. Butter’s curried chicken has always proven to be one of the most popular lunch options at the bakery, especially when stuffed inside one of our flaky croissants.


Patty Melt

Try this Patty Melt recipe from the cookbook The Last Schmaltz. Not quite a hamburger and not quite a grilled cheese, this is a grilled cheese sandwich with a hamburger patty inside. It’s the best non-hamburger in Toronto, as voted unanimously by me. The grilled cheese is fried in butter and…


Curried Chicken And Grape Pockets

Try this recipe for Curried Chicken And Grape Pockets from The School Year Survival Cookbook, written by Laura Keogh and Ceri Marsh of The Sweet Potato Chronicles.


Shooter’s Sandwich

Think of this recipe as a guideline and use your favorite cold cuts and cheeses. Avoid watery items such as tomatoes or lettuce, as they’ll make the sandwich soggy. Adapted from the food blog Serious Eats.


How To Make The Ultimate Grilled Cheese Sandwich

In honor of National Grilled Cheese Day, food editor Kristen Eppich shares her favorite way to make the iconic sandwich.  Instead of telling you what the best grilled cheese sandwich is, I’ve decided to share with you my favorite, and it’s shockingly simple. I call it the Salty-Sweet Gruyere Melter,…


Patty Melt

While you don’t have to use cheddar and Swiss, avoid strong cheeses such as Gruyère and blue, as they will overpower the beef. For the gooiest sandwich imaginable, sub in processed cheese for cheddar.

Banh mi

Vegetarian Banh Mi

Nothing compliments Banh Mi bread more than a mix of fresh vegetables. With the help of miso-glazed tofu, this sandwich makes for a satisfying vegetarian entrée when served on top of a soba noodle and cucumber salad. So what are you waiting for then? Try out this Veggie Banh Mi…


Ask a Chef: Korean Fried Chicken Sandwich

Chef Roy Oh of Anju shares his recipe for a Korean fried chicken sandwich.


Pork Crackling Sandwich Recipe

A kid-friendly dinner from Peru: The Cookbook.


Grilled Pimiento Cheese Sandwich Recipe

Peppers add a smoky flavour to a classic.


Vietnamese Vegetable Baguette Recipe

A delcious meatless banh-mi sandwich.

Try This At Home

Pimento Jack Cheese Sandwich Recipe

A lunch idea from Top Chef Richard Blais.


Soft Millet Sandwich Bread Recipe

A gluten-free alternative for lunches.

Rob Feenie

Asian Sloppy Joes Recipe

A new take on a classic sandwich.