Celebrity Style

January 17, 2024

The Bear Actor, Co-Producer And Real-life Chef Matty Matheson Shares His Family Recipes

Matty Matheson is a small-town punk-turned-celebrity-chef-restauraunteur and most recently, an actor and co-producer on the Emmy-winning comedy series The Bear. After dropping out of cooking school to tour with his friends’ band across Canada, he used his skill and personality to work his way up through Toronto’s restaurant kitchens, becoming the executive chef at Parts & Labour and eventually starting his own restaurant group. When he’s not accepting Emmy’s, writing best-selling cookbooks, designing a cookware line, or busy at one of his top restaurants including the beloved Matty’s Patty’s, the Canadian restauranteur is cooking his family’s favorite dishes.

“I love the instant gratification you get: either you cook something and it’s great, or it isn’t,” says Matty. “Food is very honest. I love restaurants — it’s my business — but the cooking that I’m really passionate about is when I’m at home doing it for my family, where I’m really cooking for love.”

Scroll down for some of his go-to meals!