January 16, 2020

7 Restaurant-Worthy Recipes For Your Next Cocktail Party

Who hosts a cocktail party when they’re only weeks away from opening a third business? Partners and best friends, Sarah Keenlyside and Brandon Olsen, that’s who. La Banane, their first restaurant, was an instant hit with Toronto diners for its modernized French menu and sumptuous design. Jewel-like confections from their shop CXBO Chocolates fly out the door of the Kensington Market storefront. The third, Man Ray Bar à Vin, will be a luxe fondue bar showcasing their passion for both food and art.

Truth be told, tonight’s gathering is a kind of test-drive, with friends coming over to sample cocktails and bites that will end up on Man Ray’s menu.

Author: Ceri Marsh

Maya Visnyei


House & Home December 2019


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