February 5, 2018

How To Master The Art Of Braising

Food editor Kristen Eppich shares a step-by-step guide to better braising. 

I love being asked what my favorite method of cooking is because the answer is easy: braising. Why? With very little effort you can develop rich, crave-worthy flavors. Braising requires only a little bit of preparation, then your pot is tucked into the oven where the real work happens. It also tends to call for inexpensive cuts of meat; by cooking them low and slow, they become so tender you can often break the meat apart with just a fork. And I’ve saved the best reason until last — that lovely, warm aroma that fills the house on a lazy, braisey Sunday.

Get my guide to braising below along with my favorite braising recipes for hearty winter meals.

Author: Kristen Eppich

Stacey Brandford


House & Home February 2017


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