February 26, 2014

Recipes From L.A. Son

Roy Choi grew up cooking at his parents’ Los Angeles restaurant and after attending culinary school, opened his own food truck specializing in a new culinary hybrid, Korean-style tacos (his emblematic Kogi taco trucks always draw a crowd). Since then he has perfected his Korean/Mexican dishes and opened other restaurants in the L.A. area. Choi’s new cookbook L.A. Son explores how different parts of Los Angeles influenced his life and recipes, whether it’s the best taquerias on the boulevards of East L.A., or a deli classic from the downtown jewelry district. This book contains 85 recipes that meld the overlapping traditions and flavours of L.A. Try your hand at Korean-Style Braised Short Rib Stew, the dish Choi describes as “that meal from home that every Korean kid says his or her mom does best.”