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Artist File: Emmanuel Osahor Paints Immersive Garden Sanctuaries

His work begins by photographing real gardens, then he collages together his own constructed place and paints it as an oasis of calm.

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Artist Spotlight: Caroline Monnet’s Work Is Inspired By Her Indigenous Heritage

Caroline Monnet's art involves using industrial materials and techniques inspired by her Indigenous heritage.

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Artist Spotlight: See Jen Mann’s Colorful Work

This artist's work critiques how we “sell” ourselves in today’s consumerist society.

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Artist Spotlight: See Evocative Paintings By Colleen Heslin

Colleen Heslin’s art blends abstract concepts and quilting traditions.

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Artist Spotlight: See Vibrant Paintings From Canadian Artist Andy Dixon

Andy’s brightly colored paintings, largely in pink and teal, dissect cultural symbols of status and wealth.

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This Artist’s Works Recall Feelings and Memories Of Home

“I’m preserving the significant moments of the people who inspired and challenged me, and it’s important to have representation of Inuvialuit and Gwich’in people.”