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Ask A Chef: Beet And Pomegranate Salad With Oranges, Feta And Mint

Chef Matt DeMille of Eat shares his recipe for Beet And Pomegranate Salad With Oranges, Feta And Mint. Q: My girlfriend recently hosted a kitchen party with Chef Matt DeMille. He taught us how to make amazing dishes, one of which was an incredible pomegranate salad. I’ve since lost the recipe,…


Ask A Chef: Talli Joe’s Messy Thokku

Chef Sameer Taneja of Talli Joe in London shares his Messy Thokku recipe. Q: Last summer we travelled to London and ate at the hip Indian restaurant Talli Joe. We had a spicy pickled egg dish served with bread that I can’t stop thinking about. I’d love the recipe! — Leah, Etobicoke, Ontario…


Ask A Chef: Chef Juno Kim’s Cheeseburger

Chef Juno Kim of 33 Acres Brewing Co. shares his cheeseburger recipe. Q: While visiting 33 Acres Brewing Co. in Vancouver, I had one of the best cheeseburgers of my life. I’d love the recipe. — Amanda, Calgary A: Chef Juno Kim owns a catering business in Vancouver and serves up his…


Ask A Chef: Hugh Acheson’s Lowcountry Frogmore Stew

Chef Hugh Acheson of 5 & 10 shares his Lowcountry Frogmore Stew recipe. Q: On a drive down south, we stopped in Athens, Georgia, at 5&10. I had the Lowcountry Frogmore Stew and I could’ve eaten it all day! I’d love the recipe. — C.K., Kingston, Ont. A: Ottawa-born…


Ask A Chef: Grilled Onion Salad With Fermented Black Bean Dressing

Amanda Cohen of Dirt Candy’s shares her recipe for Grilled Onion Salad. Q: I had lunch at Dirt Candy during a recent trip to New York and loved their Grilled Onion Salad. The dressing was amazing! Can you get me the recipe? — Amy K., Toronto A: Amanda Cohen’s award-winning vegetarian restaurant serves…


Ask A Chef: Plum Dutch Baby

Chef Therese De Grace of The Good Earth Food and Wine Co. shares a recipe for Plum Dutch Baby.  Q: I recently had brunch at The Good Earth, and their plum Dutch baby was to-die-for good. Could you get the recipe? I’d love to make it for my family. — D.K., St.


Ask A Chef: Beef Brisket

Chef Sam Gelman of Momofuku shares his beef brisket recipe. Q: “I recently tasted the beef brisket at Momofuku Daishō in Toronto — it was incredible! The meat was perfectly tender, and the rub created an amazing spiced crust. I’d love to make it for a dinner party.” — A.L., Toronto A: This…


Ask A Chef: Spiced Shakshuka

Chef Tom Wade of The Daughter shares a recipe for spiced shakshuka.  Q: I recently tasted the shakshuka at The Daughter over brunch. It’s more flavourful than any other version I’ve tried, and I’d love to make it at home. — B.K., Toronto A: Shakshuka is a rich, stewed-tomato dish with poached eggs.


Ask A Chef: Stuffed Figs With Serrano Ham & Mahón

Chef Alonzo Ortiz of Pintxo shares a recipe for Stuffed Figs with Serrano Ham & Mahón.


Ask A Chef: Chocolate Torta With Salty Hazelnuts

Chef Daniel Costa of Corso 32 shares his recipe for Chocolate Torta With Salty Hazelnuts.  Q: I was recently in Edmonton and had a fabulous dinner at Corso 32. The highlight was a dense, dark chocolate cake covered with salty-sweet hazelnuts. Could you get the recipe? I’d love to make it…


Ask A Chef: Quinoa, Beet and Feta Salad

Chef Renée Lavallée of Two If By Sea shares a quinoa, beet and feta salad recipe.  Q: My local coffee shop, Two If By Sea, hosts a monthly pop-up called TIBS Family Dinners. The chef, Renée Lavallée, recently served a quinoa salad with beets and feta that I can’t stop thinking about.


Easy Eats: Donna Hay’s Ham And Cheese Piadinas

Australian food editor and author Donna Hays shares an easy recipe from her new cookbook, The New Easy.


Ask A Chef: Kale Salad With Pecorino, Currants & Pine Nuts

Chef Giovanni Scappin of Market St. shares a kale salad recipe.


Ask A Chef: Soft Pretzel Sticks

Chef Fraser Macfarlane of Brux House shares his soft pretzel sticks recipe.


Ask A Chef: Lobster Nachos

Chef Ted Corrado of The Drake Hotel shares a recipe for lobster nachos.