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Whole Sweet Potatoes with Pasilla Chili Oil and Cotija Cheese

Rather than a regular baked potato, try out Cory Vitiello's barbecue friendly spicy sweet potato recipe.


Whole Spatchcocked Chicken with Flock Spice Rub

Flock Rotisserie + Greens, Cory Vitiello gives away his secrets to the perfect barbecue chicken.

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Ask A Chef: Maru Cacho Shares The Secret To The Famous dBurger

Sous-chef Maru Cacho of dbar by Daniel Boulud shares the secret to the dBurger.


Corn Bread

Matt Horn knows how to feed (and please) a crowd with the best side dishes, including corn bread.


Pickled Red Onion

To dress up your next BBQ dish, try creating this at home pickle which will add a little tang and a touch of spice.


Horn Brisket

Michelin Award-winner Matt Horn's signature dish is his mouth-watering brisket.


Smokehouse Baby Back Ribs

This recipe from Rawhides Bistro and Saloon in Saskatchewan will kickstart any summer barbecue season.