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NEW: Morocco Meets Modern

A dated condo gets a saturated, global makeover!


Grilled Moroccan Lamb With Honey Yogurt And Za’atar Bread

“We were in Morocco this year, and those flavors were new to me, so I started playing around at home,” says Toronto restauranteur Colin Tooke. “It’s perfect for a summer barbecue. Most of the ingredients are easy to find, and it’s foolproof to make. You can switch to pork if…


How To Cook A Colorful Moroccan Feast At Home

Chef Doug Penfold shares recipes and advice for making his refined North African cuisine.


Sfinge With Pistachios And Saffron Honey Syrup

Put away thoughts of sweet North American doughnuts: Moroccan sfinge are made of a simple, yeast-risen dough, so it’s the toppings you sprinkle over their crisp exteriors that really make them shine. If you have your dough ready and can fry the sfinge at the end of your meal to…


Tagine Of La Kama Chicken With Apricots and Spinach

If you don’t have a tagine, the best alternative is a wide and shallow Dutch oven or sauté pan with a tight-fitting lid. And if you’re using an alternate pan, that pan can be used for the earlier frying steps. In his spice mix, Doug Penfold uses cubeb, or comet’s…


Roasted Beet Salad With Preserved Lemon and Cinnamon

This beet salad makes use of an ingredient that most people throw out — the inside pulp of a preserved lemon. Puréed in a mini food processor, it contains a lot of flavor that you can add to a marinade or dressing. Taste the pulp as you…


Carrot And Radish Salad

This simple Moroccan salad uses unpeeled carrots for the best flavor. Watch your timing carefully when you steam the carrots, as the tips will cook through before the thicker, stem ends. Look for orange blossom water in the Middle Eastern section of larger grocery stores.


Marrakech-Style Green Olives

Picholine or Lucques olives originate in France but are commonly used in Morocco to make olive oil. They are excellent cocktail olives but can be hard to find here. Any large green pitted olive can be substituted in this recipe.


How To Preserve Lemons

Chef Doug Penfold shares three easy steps to make preserved lemons at home — a staple in Moroccan dishes. 1. Look for small, thin-skinned organic lemons, preferably Meyer. Cut each lemon almost into quarters, leaving one end intact. 2. Pack the inside of each lemon…

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A Small Heritage Home Filled With Vintage Moroccan Finds

See how designer Jennifer Scott created a "dream girls’ pad" for her and her daughter.


Zucchini Fries With Sumac Salt

I have the Italians to thank for my love of zucchine fritte. Crispy lengths of battered zucchini always remind me of holidays in beautiful Italy. Nothing could be simpler to make but the level of satisfaction I get from eating them is utterly unrivaled. The truth is I can eat…


Stuffed Baby Eggplant With Tahini & Garlic

Recipes are often described as “de-constructed.” Well,  this one is a “re-constructed” version of baba ghanoush. Traditionally made with smoked eggplant pulp, I keep the eggplant intact and simply roast these babies on a baking sheet instead (I always give things my own little twist). I think whole baby eggplant…

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How To Bring Moroccan Style Home

Get designer Samantha Sacks's tips to master Moroccan style.

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Texan Mansion

Do you have $5.9 million to spend?

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Sleek & Sunny Marrakesh Apartment

Kristen Koch's top exotic retreat.