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Mushroom Agrodolce Chicken Thighs

Braising boneless chicken thighs in just enough liquid gives you tender meat and the perfect amount of sauce. Serve with potatoes or buttered noodles.


Herbed Mushroom & Camembert Skillet

Try Mary Berg’s recipe for Herbed Mushroom & Camembert Skillet from the cookbook Kitchen Party. When I was little, my mom used to invite all of our neighbors over for a New Year’s Eve fondue party. There’d be a few pots bubbling away with Gruyère, a couple filled…


Ask A Chef: Mushroom Salad With Ume Amazu Dressing

Chef Ryusuke Yamanaka of Godspeed Brewery shares his recipe for Mushroom Salad with Ume Amazu Dressing. Q: We stopped by Godspeed Brewery in Toronto and were blown away by the mushroom salad! What’s in the amazing dressing? Can you get me the recipe? — James, Toronto A: Ume amazu means…


Wild Mushroom & Stinging Nettle Gnocchi


Mushroom Veggie Burgers

Who says hamburgers have to have ham? Packed with porcinis, creminis and black beans, this DIY veggie burgers is equally, if not more, chewy, savory and deeply satisfying. Thanks to this mushroom veggie burger recipe, this summer you’ll build a better burger.


Mushroom and Artichoke Matzo Pizza

To add richness to your summer buffet try making Matzo (a thin, crispy unleavened bread) topped with creamy ricotta, artichoke hearts and oven-roasted mushrooms. This recipe will help you make the perfect pizza snack to enjoy during a family night in.


Quinoa-Stuffed Mushroom Caps

Don’t use red quinoa for this recipe as it won’t absorb the flavors as well.


Mushroom & Spinach Bread Pudding

These individual bread puddings are a great alternative to traditional stuffing.


Baby Sinclair Pizza Recipe

Cheddar and mushrooms with a kick.


Ask a Chef: Spicy Coconut Soup With Chicken And Mushrooms Recipe

Chef David Hawksworth's Asian-inspired starter.


Mushroom Magic

Eric Vellend's secret ingredient.

Homegrown Ontario

Veal Marsala Recipe

An exotic twist for tender veal scaloppinis.


Mid-Week Mushroom Recipe

A quick topping for bread or pasta.


Creamy Mushroom Topping Recipe

Serve with crostini or pasta.


Potato Risotto Recipe

P.E.I. chef Gordon Bailey's vegetarian risotto.