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Peter Reinhart, award-winning author of eight books on bread and baking. shares his secrets to great pan pizza, from memorable crust to cubed — not grated — cheese (who knew?) The cookbook gives step-by-step instructions for making deep dish pies with rimmed baking sheets and deeper pans. Toppings run the…


Grape Tomato And Ricotta Cream Roman-Style Pizza

Try this Grape Tomato And Ricotta Cream Roman-Style Pizza recipe from the cookbook Perfect Pan Pizza by Peter Reinhart. One of the charming qualities of many Roman-style pizzas is that they can be topped after they come out of the oven and can be served both hot or…


Pesto Genovese

Try this Pesto Genovese recipe from the cookbook Perfect Pan Pizza by Peter Reinhart. When I first discovered pesto about forty years ago, I thought that I had gone to heaven. Pesto was so new and different to Americans then. Sadly, we’ve now become too familiar with it,…


White Flour Dough

Try this White Flour Dough recipe from the cookbook Perfect Pan Pizza by Peter Reinhart. This first dough, which makes a 100 percent white flour pizza crust, is the most popular, but the ones that follow, Whole Grain Country-Style Dough (page 29), with variable amounts of whole grain…


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Squash, Provolone & Sage Pizza

Other sharper cheeses, such as Gruyère or Italian Fontina, can be used instead of provolone.