Potato Salad

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Chef Lora Kirk’s Famous Potato Salad

"I've made this potato salad by Lynn Crawford's co-chef Lora Kirk so many times — always to rave reviews," says Lynda Reeves.


French Bistro Salad

Hard-boiled eggs add richness to a salad, launching it into salad-as-a-meal territory. For a slightly runny yolk, a cold-from-the-fridge large egg will be perfect when boiled for about 7 1/2 minutes, then chilled.


Hot Potato Salad With Cipollini Onions And Dill

The easiest way to cook mini-potatoes on the barbecue is with a grill basket, but short of that, you can do them in a cast-iron pan or thread them onto skewers. Cipollini onions are delicious little gems that can be found in most supermarkets, although pearl onions will do in a…


How To Master The Grill This Summer

Food editor Kristen Eppich shares how to have your most delicious barbecue season yet.


Fingerling Potato And Pea Salad With Cilantro Pesto

Feel free to make this salad ahead of time, but only add the vinegar right before serving (the acid would cause the peas and pesto to discolor if added earlier).


Easy Entertaining: Lynda Reeves’ Perfect BBQ

Get our publisher's tips on hosting the perfect summer BBQ.


Potato & Artichoke Salad

The potatoes, artichokes and pesto can all be prepared a day in advance and chilled. Dress the salad up to two hours before brunch and serve at room temperature.


Curried White Potato Salad Recipe

A new take on a summer favourite.


Potato & White Bean Salad Recipe

A high-protein side dish.