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Beef Tartare On Toast With Labneh

This is an untraditional tartare inspired by Middle Eastern cuisine!


Baharat Whole-Roasted Chicken With Roasted Shallots, Preserved Lemon & Sweet Potatoes

Serving it with preserved lemon gives everything a bright pop, making this dish decadently addictive.


Fried Broccolini With Chilis & Shallots

Restaurant chefs love broccolini for its earthiness, bitterness and beauty — it’s the new stand-in for kale.


Ask A Chef: Parmigiano Soup With Shallots, Bacon And Breadcrumbs

Chef Ryan Hotchkiss of Bündok shares his recipe for Parmigiano Soup With Shallots, Bacon And Breadcrumbs. Q: I ate the most amazing Parmesan soup at Bündok when I was in Edmonton. It was like an elevated spaghetti carbonara but without all the distraction of pasta. What makes it so…


Flank Steak With Grilled Shallots Recipe

A beef dish perfect for winter entertaining.