5 Amazing Things To Make With Matzoh

Food editor Kristen Eppich shares easy recipes with Passover’s star ingredient.  More than just a replacement for bread during the Jewish holiday Passover, matzoh is a versatile ingredient that can be the star of a variety of dishes. Although it’s always delicious slathered in butter or with a generous helping of…


Cookbook Spotlight: Around The Fire

This is the grilling book of the summer with 100+ recipes from the popular Ox restaurant in Portland, Oregon. Drawing on the authors’ experiences grilling in Michelin-starred restaurants and Gabrielle’s Ecuadorean roots, the book adapts Latin American open-fire cooking for the home griller by explaining the art of heat control…

Boy George

Cookbook Spotlight: Cook. Nourish. Glow.

Pop stars like Boy George and Sam Smith swear by Amelia Freer’s plan for healthy eating. In her second book, the London-based nutritional therapist gives readers 120 easy-prep recipes and shares more details of the food philosophy that made her first volume, Eat. Nourish. Glow., a runaway bestseller. Here are two recipes…


How To Cook Spring’s Fresh Produce

Food editor Kristen Eppich dishes on how to cook with spring vegetables.  I recently wandered through the beautiful new Pusateri’s Food Hall at Saks Fifth Avenue in Toronto and found myself drawn to the vibrant produce on display. It made me realize that despite the flurries outside, the calendar says spring…and so…


How To Cook The Perfect Eggs

In honor of Easter, food editor Kristen Eppich shares her secrets to cooking the perfect eggs. When I started at George Brown Chef School, I remember naively thinking that all the focus on egg cookery was a waste of time. Looking back now, it’s so clear to me that it’s…


Kristen Eppich’s Top 10 Pantry Essentials For Easy Dinners

On top of an endless supply of garlic and onions, there are a few things you’ll always find when you reach into my pantry. Here is a list of my 10 go-to’s – the ingredients I rely on to perk up a dish, whip up a weeknight meal or add a…


Cookbook Spotlight: Gjelina

Get recipes from this hot spot in L.A.'s Venice Beach.


3 Delicious Ways To Use Blood Oranges

Food editor Kristen Eppich shares tips on cooking with winter’s juiciest citrus fruit.  Blood oranges are the jewel of the citrus family with their crimson interior and sweet hints of floral. They’re available from December to March each year, and there are so many ways to enjoy them during their short…

Chicken Soup

Cookbook Spotlight: Montreal Cooks

In this collection of 80 recipes from 40 of Montreal’s most talented chefs — including Derek Dammann of Maison Publique and Colin Perry of Southern barbecue joint Dinette Triple Crown — culinary experts share just how easy it is to bring home the flavors of this vibrant city. Cooking your…


The New Health Food That Should Be On Your Radar

Food editor Kristen Eppich dishes on the latest superfood. If there’s one food word that has entered 2016 with a bang, it’s “pulses”— the edible dried seeds of legume crops, such as dry beans, dry peas, lentils and chickpeas. The United Nations has declared 2016 the International Year of Pulses in an…


Cookbook Spotlight: Hot Bread Kitchen

Food editor Kristen Eppich shares the cookbook she’s coveting now. Recipes that are passed down over time are the most reliable kind. So when New York bakery Hot Bread Kitchen published a cookbook, it was at the top of my list. Hot Bread Kitchen isn’t just your…


How To Make A Delicious Mocktail

Food editor Kristen Eppich shares tips on how to make a non-alcoholic drink taste great, along with a Citrus Fizz Mocktail recipe.  Let’s face it – it might be time to ease off the cocktails after the holidays. But that doesn’t mean the fun of mixology has to end. Bartenders are…


How To Bake Healthy Holiday Treats

Giving baked goods a healthier spin this holiday season is easier than you think. We asked Marina Cortese, holistic nutritionist and owner of Oats & Ivy, to share some of her best tips. Choose Quality Ingredients  Start by choosing quality ingredients, recommends Marina. “We’re wheat-free at Oats &…

Cocktail Party

5 Quick Appetizers For A Holiday Party

Round out your holiday feast with some fast and easy bites to serve before the main course. Smoky Chèvre Log – In a food processor, coarsely grind roasted, salted almonds with smoked paprika. Roll a chèvre log in the mixture. Serve at room temperature with crackers. Marinated Olives – Rinse and dry plain olives with…

Ask A Food Editor

Meet Our New Food Editor Kristen Eppich!

House & Home is pleased to introduce our new food editor, Kristen Eppich. A trained chef, she has worked extensively in the food industry as a recipe developer, food blogger, food stylist and presenter. Kristen lives in Grimsby, Ontario with her husband Andrew and their three small kids, Sophie (9), Max (7) and Scotty…