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May 19, 2021

Take A Peek Inside Ali Budd Interiors’ Fashionable Head Office

Designer Ali Budd’s new office is packed with daring design decisions: a bubblegum pink kitchen, a lavish powder room with a cool cubed marble vanity and a main work area energized with leopard-print wallpaper. It’s a perfect reflection of the unique style Ali Budd Interiors has become known for. The space was created after Ali’s nine-person team — whom she regards as friends — suggested it would be strange for the president of Ali Budd Interiors not to have a room of her own.

“Our whole vibe as a company is unoffice-y,” says Ali, who balanced work and life by adding a stylish nursery for her baby, Jemma, who turned one in April. And before Covid, her two older children, Joey, 8, and James, 6, would meet their tutor after school in the office, an arrangement Ali loved. “When you run a business, it’s challenging to dedicate time to your family and to the business,” says Ali. “They meld together, and I purposefully created space here for both parts of my life.”

She moved from her old office, just a few blocks over, when the team outgrew the space. “The second I walked in here and saw how big and bright it was, I loved it,” she says. The 2,300-square-foot former warehouse is located in Toronto’s Castlefield Design District. Many of the major design retailers — Elte, Stone Tile, Kravet, Kohler and Home Société, to name a few — are close by. “It’s very easy for us to pop over to them or vice versa, plus I live 10 minutes away. We signed a lease quickly.” She renovated it over four weeks and the team made the move in December 2019.

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Author: Iris Benaroia

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