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12 Decadent Desserts To Share On Valentine’s Day

Fall in love with these sweet treats, laced with chocolate, caramelized fruit and sweet cream.


Dark Chocolate Mousse With Salted Caramel Sauce

Watch childlike smiles creep across guests’ faces when they dig into personal jars of dark chocolate mousse, a fun and casual way to serve the finale to a memorable alfresco meal.


Chocolate Coconut Bars

In Spanish homes a variety of candies, cakes and cookies are often served on platters after la comida (the main meal, which is served midday). A little bit of mixing, dipping and sprinkling leads to these mini coconut almond bars.


Chocolate Malted Meringues

A trip to the malt shop for a frozen treat, or a bedtime Horlicks or Ovaltine malted milk are all soothing childhood memories. Now when paired with chocolate, be it in a milkshake or cupcake, a moist delicious layer cake, or a decadently airy meringue, this not-too-sweet treat feels like…


Chocolate Panforte

Panforte (aka panaforte) is an Italian Christmas treat that’s now enjoyed year-round. Dark, soft and chewy, this Chocolate Panforte tastes almost candy-like.

Chocolate Recipes

Make-Ahead Chocolate Souffles

Whip up the batter, fill the ramekins and refrigerate for an easy and decadent oven-ready dessert.


Nanaimo Bars

This now-classic recipe was entered into a contest held in the city of Nanaimo, B.C., in 1986 for the best bar recipe, and its buttery middle layer and thick chocolate crown made it an undeniable winner.


Iced Soy Chocolate Chai Tea

Cold, rich and lightly spicy, this iced version of the traditional Indian drink is a cool counterpoint to spicy food.

Chocolate Recipes

White Chocolate Syllabub

If trifle became a cloudlike dessert, it would be syllabub. Unapologetically boozy, this chilled confection needs two kinds of tipple to create its signature taste: a brandy and a liqueur. Here it’s Calvados — an apple brandy — plus white chocolate liqueur. But you could easily switch them up in a…


Dark Chocolate Tart

Perfumed with orange and cinnamon, this devilishly decadent tart is like a slice of chocolate truffle.


Salted Chocolate Caramel Bars

These bars deliver a decadent contrast of delicate shortbread and chewy caramel under a roof of bitter salted chocolate.