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Make This Roasted Vegetable & Hummus Tartine With Diala Canelo!

This simple recipe is healthy and delicious!

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Watch Diala Canelo Make A Colorful Salmon Tartine

Follow along with Diala Canelo, author of Diala’s Kitchen, as she makes this vibrant, nutritious tartine.

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Taste The Flavors Of The World With The New Cookbook, Diala’s Kitchen

Canadian food and travel writer Diala Canelo is inspired by fresh ingredients, bold flavors and healthy eats from around the globe.


Autumn Farro Salad

This seasonal dish is laced with a bouquet of fragrant herbs and olive oil.


Dominican Shrimp & Rice Stew

In true Dominican fashion, make sure you serve it with an ice-cold beer and fried plantains on the side.


Pumpkin Scones With Maple Cinnamon Glaze

These baked goods are buttery yet crisp on top, tender inside and not overly sweet.