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Get Chef J-C Poirier’s Recipe For His Famous Onion Soup And More!

The award-winning chef invites you to cook his hearty Quebec recipes at home.


Maple Syrup Tart

A refined take on the classic sugar pie.


Onion Soup

A twist on the classic recipe, this soup is full of savory onion flavor.


Parmesan Cheese Croquettes

These crispy pillows are the perfect canapé.


Lobster Bisque Thermidor

This recipe pays homage to J-C Poirier's East Coast roots.


Tourtière du Lac St-Jean

This Quebec classic gets J-C's personal touch.

Chefs We Love

Paul Hollywood Shares His Go-To Baking Recipes

The judge for the beloved Great British Baking Show is back with another book, and this one is all about making the classics.

Chefs We Love

7 Fresh and Flavorful Recipes From Tieghan Gerard

From Brussels Sprouts and Gnocchi to Salty Chocolate Pretzel Rye Cookies!


Salty Chocolate Pretzel Rye Cookies

These are crisp on the edges, doughy in the middle and loaded with chocolate.


Nonnie’s Sticky Apricot Chicken

The three main ingredients sound odd together but are magic.


Mongolian Beef

The sweet and salty sauce is what makes this dish.


Lasagna Alla Vodka

This take on lasagna is sure to please at your next dinner party.


Herby Sun-Dried Tomato Salad

The difference in textures makes for an interesting bite.


Brussels Sprouts and Gnocchi

Making the gnocchi out of cauliflower makes for a lighter yet still hearty dish.


Chef Adrian Forte Shares Summer-inspired Recipes From His New Cookbook

Adrian shares recipes from his first cookbook Yawd, which is his take on Modern Afro-Caribbean food.