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Trading In Typical Nightstands

Tips for choosing an alternative.

Decorating & Design

The 621 Side Table Returns

Vitsœ re-releases the classic design.

Decorating & Design

Vintage Boxes

A simple DIY side table from salvaged finds.

DIY Projects

DIY Tiled Side Table

How to make an easy outdoor perch.

Best Paint Colors

Easy DIY Side Table

Joel Bray transform an inexpensive wooden planter.

Decorating & Design

Punchy Side Tables

Stacy Begg on an easy seasonal update.

DIY Projects

DIY Wallpapered Table

Dress up a simple table.

DIY Projects

DIY Bar Cart

Transform a side table into a handy bar cart.


Bold Bedroom Update

Cameron MacNeil recommends bedding and more.

DIY Projects

DIY Side Table

A sculptural piece for a balcony or patio.