Decorating & Design

November 6, 2020

This Sweet Home Is Filled With Plants, DIY Projects & Budget-Friendly Hacks

In our new series, Following Now, we go inside the homes of cool Canadian creatives.

Wendy Lau is not afraid to get her hands dirty. Whether she’s adding soil to one of her many plant pots, spackling a fireplace or painting intricate patterns on her walls, this homeowner knows all the ups and downs of DIY-ing a 1970s home. She and her husband Kwan Chan bought the 1,700-square-foot property in Thornhill, Ontario, using an inheritance from Kwan’s mother, who died three years ago. “I don’t think I could ever look at this house without seeing her,” says Wendy.

Over the next five months, Wendy and Kwan threw themselves into renovating the home, ripping up the carpet, tearing down the dated wallpaper and painting the pink walls. “My husband got sick and tired of hearing me talking about tiles and paint colors,” she says with a laugh. So, she turned to social media. Now, she has over 118,000 Instagram followers, and recently joined TikTok, a popular video platform for creatives, at the start of the pandemic. “Instagram and TikTok is just a way for people to be invited into my home and to show that hospitality that has always been important to me,” she says.

Scroll down to tour this sweet home filled with plants, DIY projects and budget-friendly hacks!