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15+ Best Brunch Recipes From H&H

Perfect for the holidays, a lazy morning or a special brunch.


This Moscato Is The Perfect Partner For A Sweet And Savoury Brunch

This delicious wine is the icing on the cake.

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Spring Goat Cheese, Asparagus & Green Onion Omelette

Serve with salsa, hot sauce or tomato butter to take it up a notch!


Unicorn Toast

Try this Unicorn Toast recipe from the new cookbook, Vibrant & Pure. Ah, Unicorn Toast, the toast that launched an Instagram phenomenon. Whether people loved it or hated it, this toast was suddenly everywhere. Using beet juice, I had been dyeing everything pink that I could get…


Chef Lynn Crawford’s Gingerbread Pancakes

Try this quick and easy pancake recipe, perfect for Christmas morning or Boxing Day brunch. Celebrity chef Lynn Crawford partnered with Egg Farmers of Canada and Food Banks Canada for their annual #RecipesThatGive campaign.


Cherry Pie Chia Parfaits

Try this Cherry Pie Chia Parfaits recipe from the cookbook Love & Lemons Every Day. This recipe was originally intended as a breakfast, but as soon as I tried this combo I exclaimed, “This is dessert!” Creamy chia pudding, jammy tart cherries and a crunchy granola topping are…


Omelet With Whipped Ricotta

Try this Omelet With Whipped Ricotta recipe from the cookbook Where Cooking Begins. Making one big omelet and folding it in half is easy, whereas making two smaller rolled omelets is hard. Even if you nail it, one person gets stuck with a not-quite-hot omelet. I probably…


Birthday-Worthy Swedish Pancakes

Try this Birthday-Worthy Swedish Pancakes recipe from the cookbook Where Cooking Begins. My husband’s family, the Musics, celebrate birthdays with a Swedish pancake feast, to be enjoyed by the person of honor, ideally in bed, with a full array of fillings, toppings, and embellishments for customizing each…


Fluffy Japanese-Style Pancakes

To make these pancakes, you’ll need four 3-inch x 1 3⁄4-inch metal ring moulds, which can be found in kitchen and restaurant supply stores. You’ll also need a nonstick pan with a domed lid.


Ask A Chef: Honey Salt’s Breakfast Galette

Chef Christopher Oliveira’ of Honey Salt shares his recipe for Breakfast Galette. Q: I’m an avid bruncher and I’ve noticed that breakfast pot pies and galettes are very popular right now. I had the galette at Honey Salt at the new Parq Vancouver hotel recently. It had a crispy base and…


Chef Mark McEwan’s Lobster Eggs Florentine

Treat Mom to an elegant brunch this Mother’s Day with Chef McEwan’s recipe for Lobster Eggs Florentine. Pair it with a crisp glass of Stoneleigh Sauvignon Blanc for a midday meal worthy of a celebration.


Calii Love’s Dreamy Acai Bowl Recipe

Toronto restaurant Calii Love shares their Dreamy Acai Bowl recipe. This refreshing take on a smoothie bowl gets its cool color from Blue Majik, an organic extract of protein- and antioxidant-rich Spirulina. Try it as a healthy breakfast or filling afternoon snack.


3 Delicious Breakfast Bowls To Try Now

The breakfast bowl trend has nothing to do with milk or cereal. Countless foodie snaps on social media have inspired everyone to start their day with one of these nutrient-dense, flavor-packed petits déjeuners. Star ingredients like porridge, fresh berries, savory yogurt, grits and even rosemary-infused honey are all in the…


Yogurt Bowl With Citrus And Rosemary Honey


Grits Bowl With Roasted Tomatoes, Avocado And Eggs