Holiday Baking

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Butter Tart Squares

These squares have all the delicious flavor of a true butter tart but require half the effort, as the crust and filling are simply layered in the a baking pan. For added holiday color, try swapping out the raisins for chopped maraschino cherries.


Pineapple Squares

This old-fashioned dessert made frequent appearances in community cook books of the 1950s. Its moist cake and crunchy topping are just as delicious today.


Mint Sails

These one-bite brownies deliver deep chocolate flavor with a surprising minty hit!…


Glazed Pumpkin Cookies

Sweet and spicy pumpkin cookies are perfect for enjoying with a coffee on a chilly, winter afternoon.



Their little windows, along with their generous dusting of icing sugar, make these Swiss cookies a pretty and delicious addition to any holiday spread.


Orange-Cranberry Sticky Toffee Puddings

This decadent dessert can be made a week or two in advance, so freeze them until Christmas Eve. You and your family will be in for a sweet surprise.


Cinnamon Rugelach

This traditional Jewish pastry can be served at any time of day, from a brunch, to an afternoon coffee break, to dessert.


Jamaican Christmas Pudding

This recipe requires advanced planning for a few steps and stages but the result is a rich, boozy dessert that is the perfect finish to a holiday meal.


Cherry Snowflake Pie

Intimidated by all the gorgeous pies you see on Instagram? Here’s a little secret: they aren’t hard to master. All you need is a fantastic, fruit-packed recipe (like this one), some cookie cutters and, before you know it, this dessert will be Insta-worthy, too. The secret to this pastry dough…


Peppermint Brownie Cookies

These cookies are like eating a cookie and brownie all at once! A touch of peppermint extract and crushed candy cane make these chocolate treats extra festive for the holidays. You’ll know these cookies are properly baked when they have shiny tops and slight cracking. You want them soft, chewy…


Coconut Snowballs

The flavor combination of orange and coconut is the winter version of a piña colada — in other words, perfect for the holidays. Beware: these snowballs are deliciously addictive. This dough tends to be a little crumbly when you roll it into balls. Don’t worry — just squeeze it together…


Tahini Shortbread

An intoxicating, nutty aroma will fill your kitchen when you bake this recipe. Dried rose petals (edible, of course) add a touch of elegance, making this shortbread ideal for a hostess gift or cookie exchange. Tahini separates naturally as it sits in a container, so be sure to give it…


PB Thumbprints With Mocha Ganache

Peanut butter and chocolate — need I say more? Think of these thumbprints as peanut butter cookies for adults (like we need an excuse). A rich, sophisticated ganache complements the peanut butter flavor in these melt-in-your-mouth bites. You’ll want to put this ganache on just about everything. If it hardens…


Pearl’s Scottish Shortbread

This recipe is originally from food writer and columnist Lucy Waverman’s grandmother, Pearl. For cookies with the best texture, knead the dough into a ball by hand instead of allowing the ball to form in the food processor. No food processor? Don’t worry — just cut the butter into the…


Carol’s Cocoa Caramel Brownies

These old-fashioned cocoa brownies are fudgy and decadent. The batter comes together easily in one pot — much appreciated when home cooks are at the height of holiday baking.