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Matty Matheson’s Chicken Soup

“Chicken soup is something everyone should know how to make,” says Matty Matheson, the executive chef of Parts & Labour. “It’s one of those dishes that’s healing. All you need is chicken and water. Serve it with grilled-cheese sandwiches or just by itself. It’s good for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Add…


Yuzu–Marinated Cucumber And Radish Salad

“This dish is fresh and bright from the yuzu and has just enough spice, making it the ultimate summer salad,” says Matty Matheson of this family recipe. Matty notes it only takes a few minutes to prepare. “It goes with anything coming off the grill, including fish, lamb and pork.


Chile Garlic Chicken Wings

Excerpted from the cookbook, Vietnamese Food Any Day by Andrea Nguyen. Nibbling on chicken wings with an ice-cold beer is a great way to nosh Vietnamese style, but I don’t get out the fryer to make the wings. Instead, I coat them in our spices and oil, and roast…


Skillet Chicken Parm With Spicy Breadcrumbs

Try this Skillet Chicken Parm With Spicy Breadcrumbs recipe from the cookbook Dinner For Everyone. There’s your red-checkered-tablecloth-restaurant red-sauce standard, and then there is this dish. Skillet Chicken Parm With Spicy Breadcrumbs has all the components of the original dish, minus the pounding or frying. When you go vegan, lots of…


Caramel Salmon

Try this Caramel Salmon recipe from the cookbook Dinner For Everyone. Few techniques are as magical as cooking in a sweet and savory caramel sauce, a technique I first learned while traveling in Vietnam. Melting sugar stresses people out, but the directions in all the recipes are detailed so as to…


Cherry Snowflake Pie

Intimidated by all the gorgeous pies you see on Instagram? Here’s a little secret: they aren’t hard to master. All you need is a fantastic, fruit-packed recipe (like this one), some cookie cutters and, before you know it, this dessert will be Insta-worthy, too. The secret to this pastry dough…


Peppermint Brownie Cookies

These cookies are like eating a cookie and brownie all at once! A touch of peppermint extract and crushed candy cane make these chocolate treats extra festive for the holidays. You’ll know these cookies are properly baked when they have shiny tops and slight cracking. You want them soft, chewy…


Coconut Snowballs

The flavor combination of orange and coconut is the winter version of a piña colada — in other words, perfect for the holidays. Beware: these snowballs are deliciously addictive. This dough tends to be a little crumbly when you roll it into balls. Don’t worry — just squeeze it together…


Tahini Shortbread

An intoxicating, nutty aroma will fill your kitchen when you bake this recipe. Dried rose petals (edible, of course) add a touch of elegance, making this shortbread ideal for a hostess gift or cookie exchange. Tahini separates naturally as it sits in a container, so be sure to give it…


PB Thumbprints With Mocha Ganache

Peanut butter and chocolate — need I say more? Think of these thumbprints as peanut butter cookies for adults (like we need an excuse). A rich, sophisticated ganache complements the peanut butter flavor in these melt-in-your-mouth bites. You’ll want to put this ganache on just about everything. If it hardens…


Christina Tosi’s Naked Funfetti Cake

This “exposed” cake is taking the birthday and wedding cake industry by storm.


The Forks’ Ricotta Gnocchi With Black Boar Bacon & Parmesan

Try this recipe from the restaurant Passero at Winnipeg, Manitoba’s most popular tourist destination, The Forks. Your favorite comfort food is taken to a new level with this recipe for soft and pillowy ricotta gnocchi, topped with Manitoban black boar bacon and shaved Parmesan.


The Holiday Hotlist: Four Exquisite Café Drinks You Can Make At Home

See how we made a Honey Cardamom Latte, Cozy Cabin Coffee with Rum, Festive Cappuccino and an Espresso Sundae using the new Saeco Xelsis.


Christina Tosi’s Compost Pound Cake

Try this recipe for Compost Pound Cake from Christina Tosi’s cookbook, All About Cake. This cake is an homage to the team of hardbodies at Milk Bar who have been mixing this seemingly odd collection of cookie mixins since November 15, 2008. That’s when we opened the doors to our little…


Ina Garten’s Filet Of Beef Carpaccio

Try this recipe for Filet Of Beef Carpaccio from Ina Garten’s new cookbook, Cook Like A Pro. I think raw beef carpaccio is a little boring. Searing the beef briefly and adding a drizzle of Caesar dressing makes it so much more flavorful.