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60 Sweet Treats To Bake This Holiday Season!

Find the best recipes from our archives.


Earl Grey Shorties

These delicate and delicious shortbread sandwich cookies are lightly flavored with Earl Grey tea leaves. Use a highly flavored tea for the best results. If you have a silicone baking mat with a textured surface, roll your dough out on the mat to “stamp” a simple design on top of…


Toffee Pecan Dark Chocolate Shortbread

This shortbread is very buttery and is baked in a mould. Roselle uses round silicone moulds that are about 6.5 cm wide and 1.5 cm deep. If you have a similar mould, you can make individual round shortbreads using lightly flattened 2.5 cm balls of dough (bake for 12 to…


Pearl’s Scottish Shortbread

This recipe is originally from food writer and columnist Lucy Waverman’s grandmother, Pearl. For cookies with the best texture, knead the dough into a ball by hand instead of allowing the ball to form in the food processor. No food processor? Don’t worry — just cut the butter into the…


After Eight Shortbread Thins


Jamie Oliver’s 5-Ingredient Chocolate Orange Shortbread

Try this recipe for Chocolate Orange Shortbread from Jamie Oliver’s new cookbook, 5 Ingredients: Quick & Easy Food. …


Shortbread Crisps

Whether savory or sweet, crispy shortbreads are the perfect side for chilled soup. Pair with our recipe for Strawberry Soup.


Polenta Shortbread

I learned the secret to perfect shortbread when I wrote a story about Lesia Kohut, the owner of LPK’s Culinary Groove, a patisserie in Toronto. Bread flour keeps the texture from getting too sandy.


Grandma Sutherland’s Shortbread Cookies Recipe

An easy holiday dessert.


Simple Shortbread Recipe

An easy recipe for holiday cookies.


Lemon Bars Recipe

A light citrusy dessert made with shortbread.


Garbage Shortbread Cookies Recipe

Add any chocolate bar for colour and flavour!


Lucy Waverman’s Empire Biscuits Recipe

Easy shortbread cookies for the holidays.


Isobel’s Shortbread Cookies Recipe

Add nuts, dried fruit or chocolate.


Asiago Butter-Dish Shortbread Recipe

Use a butter dish to present as a holiday gift.