October 4, 2018

Laura Calder’s 10 Tips For A Fuss-Free Thanksgiving Feast

My family will tell you I was born to host. As soon as I could sit up by myself, I was on the counter beside my mother’s mixing bowls, taking it all in. Once I could write, I would interview neighbors, taking a notebook wherever we went and transcribing my investigations onto 1970s recipe cards (Linda’s “slush” and Vida’s “hole whit rolls” are still preserved in my wobbly seven-year-old scrawl).

Somehow the desire to feed people has never left me — even though our Toronto home is neither large nor lavish. Thanksgiving is a wonderful occasion to host. To me, it’s a holiday perfectly suited to our times: a secular feast day that’s open to everyone and based on gratitude. How modern! If you’re hosting, the traditional menu relieves some of the pressure because everyone knows what to expect. We get to march along in step with the tried and true, only throwing in a dash of originality if we want to.

Here are my tips and tricks for a fuss-free Thanksgiving feast.

Author: Produced by Kristen Eppich

Stacey Brandford


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