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15 Table Accents To Elevate Your Thanksgiving Feast

Whether your definition of Thanksgiving dinner is an impressive spread for the senses, or an intimate feast filled with plenty of gratitude and thanks, the way you dress your table sets the mood for the night. Make a fruitful first impression this year by taking a minute to think about…


6 Traditional Thanksgiving Recipes Reimagined For Modern Day

Before she left for a two year adventure in London, our food editor Kristen Eppich created a throwback Thanksgiving feast.


Roasted Onion Dip

It’s tempting to stir the onions while caramelizing, but be patient and leave them untouched until they take on that rich, dark colour in the pan…


Upside-Down Roast Turkey

It’s important to use a roasting rack when cooking a turkey upside down, as the meat becomes very tender and can be harder to remove from the pan. This is a large turkey, as we tend to serve a crowd at my house, so be sure to reduce the cook…


Charred Brussels Sprouts On Parmesan Cream

Simplify your Thanksgiving feast by making the Parmesan Cream the day before. To soften, heat slowly in the microwave or in a pot over low heat, stirring often.


Sweet Potatoes With Pumpkin Seed Pesto

As an alternative, you can roast the sweet potatoes whole, then make a cut down the center and spoon in the pesto like a baked potato.


Spinach & Pumpernickel Stuffing

If you’re juggling dishes for oven time, cook this stuffing the day before and refrigerate. While the turkey is resting, slip the stuffing into a 325°F oven, loosely covered, and it’ll be warm and perfect by the time the turkey is served.


Calvados Apple & Ricotta Parfait

The apple brandy makes this recipe rich and delicious, but if you prefer not to use alcohol, substitute with apple cider and a drop or two of good-quality vanilla extract.


Laura Calder’s 10 Tips For A Fuss-Free Thanksgiving Feast

Master the art of hosting like this celebrity chef.


Laura Calder’s Beet & Pecan Endive Boats

Beets and blue cheese are a perfect match in this hors d’oeuvre, but you can swap out the beets for chopped pears for a new flavor combination.


Laura Calder’s Parsley, Sage, Rosemary & Thyme–Brined Roast Turkey

A 15-lb. turkey will serve 12 to 14 people. The brine used in this recipe results in a juicy bird with lovely crispy skin. The extra rub of butter before roasting doesn’t hurt, either! If you’re hosting fewer, buy one or two breasts instead.


Anne Willan’s “Burnt” Beans

“When I worked for Anne at École de Cuisine La Varenne, this dish was one of the first I had to learn. Anne served this family favorite once a week with roast chicken. The exact opposite of al dente — try downright confit — these beans taste…


Laura Calder’s Celeriac Purée

The key to a great celeriac mash is to purée it until velvety smooth. A blender or a food processor will give the best results.


Laura Calder’s Cranberry Sauce

In our house, we go the classic route for cranberry sauce. We also like to have lots — this recipe makes a big batch!…


Laura Calder’s Best Bread Stuffing

For the best stuffing, make good-quality bread crumbs. Break up dried bread slices and pulse in the food processor.