Artist File

May 21, 2024

Discover The Multidisciplinary Artist That Made A Cameo In Anne Hathaway’s Latest Rom-Com

In our Artist File column, art advisor Diana Hamm of WK ART shares the artists that have caught her eye.

The Artist: Sarah Anne Johnson is a photo-based artist from Winnipeg who’s made the natural world her focus. Most recently, you might recognize her work from The Idea of You, an Amazon Prime movie starring Anne Hathaway. The main character owns a gallery and Sarah’s piece “Unclose Me” is featured in one — or more — of the scenes. While the Canadian landscape is a quintessential subject for Canadian artists, Sarah differentiates her practice by not just capturing a moment in time in a photograph, but further manipulating her photographs in ways that evoke deeper emotions. By incorporating materials such as paint, retouching inks and glitter as well as using techniques including burning, scratching and gouging, each photograph becomes tactile and unique.

The Works: Sarah’s impetus has always been to recreate a feeling from a specific perspective — it could be as a summer employee as seen in the Tree Planting series, as an advocate for climate change in the Arctic Circle series or, most recently, as a nature lover celebrating trees and their calming effect in the Woodland series. In all her works, Sarah explores ways that we can feel the subject matter rather than just see it.

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