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Autumn Farro Salad

This seasonal dish is laced with a bouquet of fragrant herbs and olive oil.


Ask A Chef: Insalata Invernale

Head chef Luca Lussoso of Eataly's Trattoria Milano shares his recipe.


Ask A Chef: Rigatoni Alla Bolognese

Chef Alessandro Vianello of Vancouver’s Ask for Luigi shares his recipe for Rigatoni alla Bolognese. Q: Having grown up in Italy, I never order pasta Bolognese abroad — it’s just not something you do. This New Year’s Eve, however, I decided to be daring: I ordered the Rigatoni…


How To Throw A Crowd-Pleasing Italian Feast This Christmas

The owners of Two Sisters Vineyards invite us over for dinner!


Spinach & Ricotta Gnudi

Gnudi can be baked ahead of time and warmed up in a covered baking dish just before serving.


Rosemary-Roasted Leg Of Lamb

Take the lamb out of the refrigerator about 1 hour before roasting so it can come to room temperature; it will cook more evenly this way. Note that a leg of lamb takes about 20 minutes per pound to roast.


Roasted Potatoes, Peppers & Onion With Basil

If you’re making these vegetables without the lamb, simply roast at 400°F for 40 minutes.


Squash & Smoked Ham Tart

For this recipe, you’ll need an 11″ tart pan with a removable bottom. Don’t fuss too much over the buttering and folding — rustic results are beautiful!…


Fennel & Orange Salad


Italian Gelato Sundae

Look for preserved Italian Amarena cherries in syrup in gourmet shops and Italian grocery stores.


Pesto Genovese

Try this Pesto Genovese recipe from the cookbook Perfect Pan Pizza by Peter Reinhart. When I first discovered pesto about forty years ago, I thought that I had gone to heaven. Pesto was so new and different to Americans then. Sadly, we’ve now become too familiar with it,…


Skillet Chicken Parm With Spicy Breadcrumbs

Try this Skillet Chicken Parm With Spicy Breadcrumbs recipe from the cookbook Dinner For Everyone. There’s your red-checkered-tablecloth-restaurant red-sauce standard, and then there is this dish. Skillet Chicken Parm With Spicy Breadcrumbs has all the components of the original dish, minus the pounding or frying. When you go vegan, lots of…

Italian recipes

Italian-Style Grilled Corn

If you have a Microplane zester (rasp), use it to grate the cheese, as this will give it a light, feathery texture.


David Rocco’s Roasted Potatoes Recipe

Italian potatoes from the Food Network chef.