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July 19, 2021

The Lakehouse: Lynda Reeves On The Dos & Don’ts Of Lighting

This is my story of designing our renovation of a century-old lakehouse in Ontario. Each month, I’ll offer a new chapter on the challenges and solutions, and a peek at our progress. You’ll be able to see the actual house come together on new episodes of our video series The Lakehouse.

You’d think that after decades of designing rooms, I would know better. Not so. With this lakehouse reno, I did exactly what I’ve always preached not to do. I jumped on a trend too fast, and now I think I may be “oversconced!”

Decorative lighting has become a huge area with too much choice and not enough information to help ward off mistakes. In my case, having rarely had wall sconces in my homes and after using them in moderation for clients, I was enamoured and certain that I wanted them in every room of our lakehouse.

Of course, I still needed pot lights in must-have areas, as well as ceiling pendants, flush-mounts, and table and floor lamps. Here are my best tips for choosing and mixing your light fixtures. The key, as in most things, is balance.