November 16, 2020

Make Your Holiday Feast Memorable With These Heartwarming Recipes

“Don’t mess with the turkey” might be the best advice of all. Chances are your clan looks forward to the same recipes you’ve been making every Thanksgiving or Christmas for years. But you can elevate those flavors and textures, and slip some umami into your sauces and side dishes without losing the beat.

Food expert Eshun Mott explains the dry-brine method for a perfectly crispy-skinned bird, plus a new luxurious deep-flavored gravy and a clever way to glaze root vegetables. There’s bolder cranberry sauce, and her Cornbread & Oyster Dressing is a revival of a New England classic dish. For dessert, you can still have the sweets tray and essential fruitcake, along with Eshun’s homemade cream puffs. Or save that one for New Year’s Eve. This may be the most memorable version of the classic feast, ever! Enjoy!


Stacey Brandford


House & Home November 2020


Christine Hanlon