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Perfect Fire-grilled Ribeye Steak

A well-seasoned steak is made better with lots of rest.


Sweet Tangy Lemon Ribs

The acid cuts through the fat of the ribs to make a delicious barbecue option.

Cookbooks We Love

Home Grown: Recipes from Rosie Daykin’s Newest Cookbook

Rosie Daykin's new cookbook, The Side Gardener, features her own kitchen garden, greenhouse and fresh, creative dishes.


Cucumber & Prawn Noodle Salad

Grilled spicy prawns on a bed of vinegary noodles and veggies.


Turkey Burger with Rhubarb Ketchup

A garden-fresh dinner topped with a homemade condiment.


Rhubarb Panna Cotta

A refreshing spring dessert.


Cucumber, Cantaloupe & Blood Orange Salad with Feta & Mint

A fresh, bright, fruit-forward salad.

Chefs We Love

Ask A Chef: Fairmont Empress Chef Morgan Wilson Shares His Recipe for Farro & Flax Bread

A delicious, dark loaf packed with three types of flour, ground flax seed and molasses.

Cookbooks We Love

Cookbook Of The Month: 3 Great Barbecue Dishes From The Queen Of The Grill

Canadian cookbook author Paula Stachyra shares salmon, pork and beef recipes for summer grilling.


Cuban-style Stuffed Pork Loin

A filling of cheese, ham and pickles complements the rich pork.


Carne Asada Flank Steak with Street Corn Salsa

Delicious barbecued steak topped with a playful salsa.


Pineapple Plank Salmon

A barbecue salmon covered in a honey-sriracha glaze.


Wildly Delicious Mac and Cheese

A creamy and delicious classic.


5 Fresh Salad Recipes You Won’t Stop Making

From Molly Baz's Chicken Salad to Jamie Crosby's Sweet & Spicy Cucumber dish.


Strawberry Rhubarb Loaves

A fruity baked good with a lemon glaze.