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Dante Chicken Thighs

A delicious and tangy grilled chicken recipe.


10+ Refreshing Summer Salads That Are Anything But Boring

Take advantage of the season's freshest ingredients.


Ask A Chef: Steven Molnar Of Quetzal Shares His Recipe For A Sweet & Sour Citrus Salad

Quetzal head chef Steven Molnar shares his recipe for a sweet and sour Citrus Salad.

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Small Plates, Big Flavors! Chef Joe Thottungal Shares Indian Recipes From His New Cookbook

The chef behind Ottawa restaurants Coconut Lagoon and Thali shares his best recipes.

Soups & Stews

Mangalore-style Fish Curry

Let the flavors of this dish mingle together for 24 hours and the leftovers are divine.

Soups & Stews

Root Vegetable Curry

The dish has a beautiful color created by the mixing of beets and coconut milk with spices and aromatics.



This dough is super simple to make and only requires 3 ingredients.


Matta Rice

Not just regular rice, this unpolished variety never gets mushy and has a nutty, earthy taste.


Green Chutney

Condiments are the secret to a great Indian meal, try this version with lots of cilantro.

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Ask A Chef: Primal Owner And Chef Christie Peters Shares Her Recipe For Mint & Pea Ravioli

“I like working with what’s in season in Saskatchewan."


Ask A Mixologist: Jeff Savage Of Botanist Bar Shares His Recipe For A Fresh Summer Cocktail

This summer drink has a bright, fresh flavor without being too acidic or sweet.


Here Is Your Next Delicious Summer Backyard Menu

Elevate your home entertaining game with easy, crowd-pleasing dishes that are sure to impress. Plus, you could win a backyard makeover!

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3+ Sweet & Refreshing Dessert Recipes To Try This Summer

These sweet recipes feature the season's freshest flavors.


5 Refreshing Cocktails for Summer Sipping

Try one of our chef-approved drink recipes from the H&H archives.

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3 Crowd-pleasing Family Recipes From Cory Vitiello

Cory Vitiello's first cookbook features recipes that are fun, bright and great indoors or out.